Street Art

“Street Art has always been a secret passion…the times that I do get to spend in the streets I take great pleasure in living this adventure.”

Taking her passion for producing art on a large scale to the next level, she takes to the cityscape and broadens her proportions to use the urban environment as her canvas.

Taurua revels in the freedom that street art brings and enjoys the art form as a means to surrender to her creativity, and a different way of experimenting with the interplay between seeing, thinking, and painting – a common theme within her wider work. To create such bold pieces, she embraces a multitude of techniques, including stencil, spray bomb, acrylic, and paintbrush, all to striking effect.

Often reflecting the faces and facial features that she creates across her work, Taurua uses her art to humanise the hard lines and grey facades of the metropolis and incite an emotional reaction in passers-by.