In her latest artistic evolution, Taurua experiments with gold effect. The Gold Eye Artist.

Increasingly known as the Gold Eye Artist from France, Taurua’s artistry with golden leaf is equally striking as it is laden with meaning. Mask, mirror, magnetic – the gold acts as a metaphor for what we all hide, and reflects our inner secrets back on to ourselves, while drawing us in with its beauty and allure.

“In order to respect codes, we often convey an image that is a façade; ultimately, we are wearing a mask.The sophistication and glamour of the golden leaf creates a diversion: by playing with light and mirrors, we become invisible. It is a beautiful shield that protects us and denies people access to our vulnerability”


In her latest artistic evolution, Taurua experiments with golden leaf – meticulously applying the delicate metallic fragments to the canvas to stunning effect, while evoking intriguing symbolic meaning.

 Despite having vision in just one eye, in this body of work Taurua draws her mind’s eye to open up a new world of what she wants to see, while the onlooker is invited to explore how they see themselves.

Here, her women are depicted wearing gold masks which Taurua uses to introduce themes around what it means to be a woman in modern society and the interplay between the seen and the unseen – whether you wear a mask as an accessory in a social performance to pretend to be something you are not, or use it as an armour to deflect and protect yourself and your innermost secrets.