After working for several years as a magazine model and becoming a French beauty queen, fashion was an obvious subject for Taurua.

Taurua’s skill is evident in creating perspective with an illusion of depth. She initially works impasto which creates a deconstructed effect and gives more character to her subject. Although Taurua is quick to acknowledge that «…the hardest part is not in the drawing, but in the story to be told. 

For Taurua, these portraits and silhouettes have to reveal the feminine universe, as well as famous French products such as The LOUBOUTIN shoes, the HERMES or the CHANEL bags. Taurua continues, In a world where appearance has a very important role, we have to know how to adapt and to keep our personality, without straying from who we really are.


“My attention was naturally captured by photos in magazines, which has gradually become a feature of my painting. I draw my inspiration from photos, or by using a model.”